The Multidisciplinary Studies program allows students to either create a customized degree or to choose a niche program that follows a perscribed list of courses.

For the B.A. degree, students may either build a customized program by choosing three focus areas from existing major or minor degrees and available certificate options or propose a unique concentration area with the approval of the program director. Students also have the option to follow a prescribed list of courses to create a focused program. See current B.A. options below.

For the B.S. degree, students follow a prescribed list of courses across disciplines to create a focused program. See current B.S. options below.

Both degree options are designed to allow for the combination of different fields into a structured format. Since the program involves coursework from departments across the university, it offers students opportunities to capitalize upon diverse personal interests and talents through a combination of study and academic experiences appropriate to meet their educational and long‐term career goals.

Karen Daas, Ph.D. - MDST Program Director


Karen Daas, Ph.D. - Program Director

(210) 458-4424

Main Campus: GSR 2.104

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