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This degree combines three disciplines into a coherent course of study to meet career and educational goals. It is ideal for students whose interests lie in multiple subject areas or those pursuing a career path that does not clearly align with a traditional discipline. Students may choose the customizable B.A. or follow the Film & Media Studies niche program that includes a prescribed list of courses.

Customized BA

Customized B.A.

The minimum number of semester credit hours for this degree is 120, at least 39 of which must be at the upper-division level.

Applied Data Science student

MDST B.A. in Applied Data Science

This degree track allows students to study multiple fields such as data science, math computing, and business analytics. In addition to the gaining the ability to blend data interference, algorithmic development, and technology to solve analytically complex problems you’ll train in one of three specialized application domains including cyber intelligence, digital humanities, or political science.

Film & Media Studies student

MDST B.A. in Film and Media Studies

This degree track combines three disciplines (film history, culture and theory, and production) into a program of study that allows you to develop critical thinking and writing skills, creative experience, and a professional portfolio. Students have access to more than 40 possible courses on topics ranging from screenwriting to digital media production, from film history to the role of race and gender in film, from music and film to politics in film. Students have the flexibility to build a degree plan that meets their goals and culminates in a shared senior seminar and the opportunity to pursue an internship with many possible non-profits, corporations, or professional film productions.

Hospitality & Events Management students

MDST B.A. in Hospitality & Events Management

This degree track provides the knowledge and training to provide students with the skills needed for a successful transition into the hospitality and events management field. This program is uniquely designed to immerse students in the rich and vibrant heritage of San Antonio through our curated focus area on cultural enrichment--distinguishing our graduates from other programs by giving them a knowledge base that is designed to have maximum marketability.

Spanish and Community Health students

MDST B.A. in Spanish and Community Health

UTSA's multidisciplinary studies degree in Spanish and Community Health allows students to study the two core fields of community health and well-being and Spanish health interpretation in addition to choosing from multiple fields such as business, communication, data science, global affairs and political science, humanities, or sociology to customize the degree to meet the student's interests and career goals. This degree program is designed to prepare you for jobs in local, state, and national government health agencies, private, and non-profit health agencies.

Strategic Leadership and Defense student

MDST B.A. in Strategic Leadership and Defense

This degree track allows students to study a broad range of leadership topics while leveraging the skills acquired through ROTC and Military training. The broad range of topics and focus on leadership skills create a comprehensive experience leaving students primed to successfully transition into a leadership role in the public or private sector (e.g., for-profit, non-profit, government, & education). This path is currently limited to students currently enrolled in the UTSA Army ROTC Program or the UTSA Air Force ROTC Program.

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