Mark Gifford

Assistant Professor of Practice, The Writing Program

Mark Gifford



I began my college education as a computer science major but, I quickly realized that because of the stressful nature of coding, I was likely to suffer a massive heart attack before I turned thirty. I switched my major to English Literature and I've never looked back.

I earned my B.A. in English Literature in 2001 from Baylor University. In 2005 I earned my M.A. in English Literature from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Since 2005, I have taught WRC 1013 and WRC 1023 at UTSA. I also serve as the technology coordinator for the Writing Program and I'm the faculty advisor for the Pre-Med Association. Most recently, I developed a discipline-specific WRC 1023 course that focuses on science and pseudoscience in the United States.

I'm the creator and author of the Hyperliterature blog, as well as the creator and author of the podcast Hyperliterature Presents.

Along with Todd Wright, I'm also the co-author of the audiobook When Wade Tried to Save the World and the audio series The Adventures of Heroman, as well as a featured voice actor in both productions. For more information on Heroman, visit our Facebook page. The short film I wrote titled "'Bout Normal / Nothin' Special" won the Platinum Remi Award for Work in Progress at the Houston WorldFest Film Festival.

When I'm not grading essays or writing, I enjoy reading books and watching films, running and mountain bike riding, and frantically trying to get first place in Tetris 99.

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