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Interested in the growing industry of AI? Please stop by Dr. Zhang's presentation on Machine Learning. 

Lunch will be provided

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Title - Machine Unlearning : A New Dimension in AI Trustworthiness

Abstract -

Machine unlearning is a novel concept in the field of data science and privacy, which addresses the need to efficiently remove the influence of specific data points from a trained machine-learning model.

This presentation will introduce various approaches to machine unlearning, including exact unlearning, approximate unlearning, and certified removal, discussing their trade-offs in terms of

computational efficiency and accuracy as well as their difference in targeted scenario.

We will also delve into the darker side of machine unlearning, examine how it can be exploited as a means of performing attack to a joint training scheme and what we can do when confronting such attacks.

Our next guest in the Artificial Intelligence speaker series is Dr. Zijie Zhang. Learn about his machine learning and AI research.

Start Date & Time

April 17, 2024 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM



NPB 3.108A


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